I have been and remain blessed in my career.  My esteemed stable of clients includes Grammy Winners, Oscar Winners, Emmy Winners, NY Times Best-Selling Authors, Bon Appetit “Chefs Of The Year” and a few, I dare say, ICONS.

Over the last 10 years, I have gradually watched as REAL TALENT has been pushed aside and replaced by REALITY TV STARS who are famous for only being famous. Seriously, should I advise my clients to make a sex tape, or live in a trailer, or have 8 kids, or join the mafia, or be a “Real Housewife” to garner the attention they so rightfully deserve?  Hell no!  My clients can change lives with their immense gifts and talents – and thus I will continue to fight the good fight.

The media, whether it be tabloid or mainstream, need to move away from the trailer park trash and return to booking guests that have history, expertise, talent and good will to share – guests that can uplift, entertain and educate the world rather than exploit it.

Sorry Kim …