I have been and remain to be blessed in my career.  I have in my stable of clients Grammy Winners, Oscar Winners, Emmy Winners, NY Times best-selling authors, Bon Appetit “Chefs Of The Year” and a few, do I dare say, ICONS.

In the last 10 years, I have gradually watched as REAL TALENT has been pushed aside and replaced by REALITY TV STARS famous for only being famous. I mean should I advise my clients to make a Sex Tape or live in a trailer or have 8 kids or join the mafia or be a “Real Housewife” to garner the attention they so rightfully deserve.  Hell no!  My clients can change lives with their immense gifts and talents and thus I will continue to fight the good fight.

The media — whether it be Tabloid or Mainstream  — need to move away from the trailer park trash and return to booking guests that have history and expertise and talent and good will to share – guests that can uplift, entertain and educate the world rather than exploit it.

Sorry Kim …